Best Travel Apps for Your Android Smartphone

Best Travel Apps for Your Android Smartphone

Here you have it folks. A list of the best and most recommended travel apps for your Android device.

Certainly some of these apps will have limitations, depending on where you’re based and the specific locale you’re planning to visit. However, if they aren’t perfect now, certainly they’ll be much more polished as the months wear on. Remember how bad GPS was a few years ago? Even the cheapest units are now nearing perfection in 2014, right?

Agoda is perhaps one of the best Android travel apps mentioned. I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the number of friends who use Agoda to source the best deals on hotels.

Kayak? Haven’t heard much feedback about it yet, so I can’t recommend it. It’s hard to imagine it will ever stand up to TripAdvisor.

Perhaps someone out there has used it and wants to provide some feedback in the comments?



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