Tourist Guide to Grand Canyon National Park

Tourist Guide to Grand Canyon National Park

Itching to see one of the most spectacular views this planet has to offer? Then the Grand Canyon National Park is where you ought to be. Often touted as one of the greatest natural wonders of the world, you’ll quickly learn why as soon as you catch your first glimpse of the canyon. But before you go, take a few short moments to read through this brief guide for some Grand Canyon traveling tips.

How to Get to Grand Canyon National Park

Before you can feast your eyes on the magnificent view of Grand Canyon, you’ll have to first arrive at the park. The most visited portion of the park is located in the state of Arizona. So if you’re flying in from another state, the closest major airport would be the one in Phoenix. From the city of Phoenix, you’ll have to travel a bit over 200 miles to get to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. And you can do so by driving, taking the Amtrak, riding a train, or getting on a tour bus.

Things to Do at the Park When You’re Visiting for a Day or Two

For some travelers, sitting in one spot all day to see the view from the rim of the canyon is the perfect way to spend the day. However, if you prefer to explore the park, then you can most definitely do so via hiking trails and free in-park shuttle buses. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can go mule riding for a couple of hours. However, be warned that the mules are extremely popular at Grand Canyon National Park. Thus, you must make reservations for it in advance.

Things to Do at Grand Canyon When You’ve Got Plenty of Time

If you’re lucky enough to have an extended amount of time at the park, then you’ve got even more options as far as things to do. Instead of a short hike or mule ride, you can go hiking or mule riding all the way to the bottom of the canyon and back again. Sure, it’s going to be a long and exhausting journey, but the scenes along the way will make it all worth your while. But if you prefer something a bit less extraneous, you can use your time at Grand Canyon to go on an exciting raft trip.

Things to See at Grand Canyon

Obviously, the most wonderful thing to see at this national park is the Grand Canyon. However, also on the list of things to see is the Colorado River that runs through the canyon. Also, another spectacular sight to be on the lookout for is the California condors flying within the park. Just don’t get too sad if you don’t see the California condors while on your trip; they’re not very easy to spot.

Where to Find the Best Views at Grand Canyon National Park

Since a visit to Grand Canyon is mainly about the views, you’re going to want to know where to go within the park to find the best views of the Grand Canyon. On the South Rim, the best point to go to is the Desert View Point. Meanwhile, the Cape Royal Point is awesome for seeing the rising and setting of the sun on the North Rim.

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