10 Essential Packing Tips for Overseas Travel

10 Essential Packing Tips for Overseas Travel

These packing tips will be useful to both the newbie and seasoned travelers of the world:


  1. Get some tunes going to make the ordeal a little less stressful.
  2. Make a list so you don’t forget something important, like your cellphone charger or worldwide voltage adapter!
  3. Gather packing supplies, such as elastic bands and plastic bags.
  4. Roll your clothes to maximize space, don’t fold them.
  5. Secure rolled clothes with a rubber band to keep them compact.
  6. Ensure you haven’t mistakenly packed any “straggler wear” that just won’t go with anything.
  7. Condense all your creams, lotions, mouthwash, and other potions into the smallest containers possible — then seal them in a Ziploc.
  8. Make sure you have a voltage adapter for the country you’re heading to (this could save you plenty of cash, since travel destinations will soak you for these).
  9. Make use of any extra nooks and crannies such as the insides of your shoes, makeup bag, or shaving kit,  to further maximize space
  10. Weigh your bag at home — I suppose this will give you an opportunity to drop some weight and avoid extra fees, but I wouldn’t suggest arguing with the staff at the airport if your numbers and theirs don’t align. They will have access to your property when it leaves your sight after all!





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