Norway Passport: The Best Passport Design in The World

Norway Passport: The Best Passport Design in The World

I’m sure you have a passport. And I’m sure that it has that boring design. What makes your passport a ‘piece of art’ is the travel stamps, showing you that you have traveled. The more stamps, the fancier your passport is becoming.

However, things might not be as simple as that in Norway. Just released in November 2014, Norway’s new passport design is a feast to your eye, showing a minimalistic design, in and out.

The passport’s inner pages feature the infamous, iconic fjords.

Norway Passport pages new design

Photo credit: PSFK

Not stopping there, try putting the passport under UV light. The passport pages turned into an evening scene with the glowing Northern Lights above the mountains. Beautiful.

Norway Passport design under UV light

Photo credit: PSFK

It’s lucky to be Norwegians 🙂 What do you think of Norway’s new passport design?

Images courtesy of PSFK

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