Where to Visit in Picturesque Utah

Where to Visit in Picturesque Utah

Here’s a list of 10 gorgeous sites to visit during your upcoming visit to Utah, USA:

One of my most favorite sites is Bryce National Park, near the small town of Tropic. If you’ve never seen hoodoos up close, they’ll blow your mind! And the snow blanketed fir forests surrounding the bottom of the Rockies is equally breathtaking.

Don’t feel like this is a tourist hot-spot that’ll cramp your experience. Bryce is out there a ways and covers tens of thousands of acres. Despite its beauty it’s relatively untouched and a great place to camp and spend your entire holiday — with the help of a guide of course! You don’t want to venture out to the remote reaches of the park, with little more than a backpack and expect to survive the extreme temperature drops at night!

Please do share your own favorite Utah destination, even if it isn’t listed in the video.




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