8 Shocking Packing Tricks You Probably Don’t Know

8 Shocking Packing Tricks You Probably Don’t Know

For most of us who actually care about the clothing and other items contained in our suitcase, packing even for an overnight trip can be time-consuming and frustrating.

The following travel packing tricks are as effective and innovative, as they are simple:

What was your favorite packing trick in the video?

Mine were:

  • Rolling your clothes for the win (most of us know this already of course, but the old habit of folding is a hard one to quit).
  • The “suit burrito” trick was one I didn’t know yet, and may take a little practice to master.
  • Loved the trick for putting a rolled belt into the collar of a dress shirt to keep it nice and starched.

Dryer sheets in luggage? Please read this before using any commercial dryer sheets! Those things are bad news — look for non-toxic varieties or use homemade scent pouches and fill them with lavender, vanilla, cinnamon, dried rose petals, or pine needles.



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