5 Gorgeous Getaways That’ll Soon Be Gone

5 Gorgeous Getaways That’ll Soon Be Gone

If you’re looking for water-filled destinations for your next trip, book a flight to these hotspots, as they’ll soon be nothing but water — except one which will soon have none left!

So sad that their days are numbered:

  1. Maldives: What an interesting and beautiful place, and less than a century before the bulk of the sandy beach filled islands are gone.
  2. Great Barrier Reef: The great barrier reef, is in my opinion, best viewed from the air. Why? Sharks!
  3. Venice: The sinking city doesn’t have much time left. It may soon be something you can only see while watching a romance flick with your loved one or friends.
  4. Madagascar: The mystical land of dinosaurs, rainforests, and massive trees.
  5. The Dead Sea: Will be dead in less than 50 years? This was a real shocker to me. Upon further investigation, it appears that more water evaporates from the sea than currently flows into it from the Jordan. So sad to imagine we won’t be able to see the “sea” while standing under the Qumran caves in less than half a century.



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