Gangnam Style Vacation Diary From Seoul, Korea

Gangnam Style Vacation Diary From Seoul, Korea

This video features YouTube makeup and fashion guru, Michelle Phan and her travels to many of Seoul’s trendy hotspots.

I almost feel like a fool for saying this, but now I sort of get the song “Gangnam Style”.

How about Mie’s Container ladies? I’m not sure I’d liken it to being anything like Hooters. But hey, I’m a guy right?

Though I don’t eat sugar, I would love to go visit the guy making the Dragons Beard Candy (Kul Ta Rae). What that guy was doing was pure art.

“Glamping” on Jejudo Island looks pretty cool. Though let’s face it: there’s nothing that resembles camping at that place. Jejudo reminds me a lot of Ireland.

What was your favorite hotspot from the video?




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