Tips for Choosing and Filling a “TSA Friendly” Suitcase

Tips for Choosing and Filling a “TSA Friendly” Suitcase

This girl Sonia really has her ducks in a row when it comes to efficient, hassle-free travel. In this video, she discusses how to avoid embarrassing delays and overage charges at the airport. Starting with choosing the right suitcase at the store, then how to trick yourself into not over-packing in the first place.

One of the most overlooked tips offered in the video was choosing a light suitcase to begin with. Bigger isn’t necessarily better when you’re trying to save money on luggage fees and avoid TSA delays because your luggage is actually too heavy to go on the plane at all.

Choose smaller and lighter bags to begin with and you won’t be able to over pack.

Simple enough…

A handy luggage scale is a must have.

Share your TSA-friendly packing and travel tips in the comments please. Travelers need to help each other!




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