25 Breathtaking Geological Sites Everyone Should Visit

25 Breathtaking Geological Sites Everyone Should Visit

If you’re a traveler drawn to natural visual splendor, this video is a must watch, containing stunning pictures of worldwide breathtaking geological sites created on┬ámother nature’s own canvas:

Some favorites that I’ve personally visited and been just awestruck by are:

  1. Port Campbell Australia: It’s much more wild to see in person. While you might not imagine all those wave-sculpted rocks being very surfer-friendly, there’s a few oceanfronts within close proximity to where all those gorgeous natural rock sculptures in the video are located. Bell’s Beach is a crazy place. I’ve spent a few days there during peak tide season and there were more visitors there than there are in the entire town of Port Campbell!
  2. Andamar Islands: I was actually there (based in Phuket) for the entire month of November 2004. A month before a massive ocean quake set off a tsunami of epic proportions and killed a few thousand locals. The storms can be scary, but the Islands are one of the most gorgeous sites you can see. The misty mornings conjure up feelings of mystery, the amazingly colorful sunsets contrasting the sky with islands are awesome! Some of them are so tall, sitting in the middle of the water, it really makes you wonder what sort of natural force it must have taken to carve those limestone rocks to shape.

Iceland looks spectacular in every photo I see. Never been but it’s on the bucket list!

As is China. Like everywhere in China!

OMG to Canaima in Venezuela. Share your experiences in the comment section if you’ve ever been. I get goosebumps at the thought of standing atop Angel Falls and looking down. Just amazing.

There’s so much to see out there…

















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