How Far $100 Will Take You in Select Travel Destinations

How Far $100 Will Take You in Select Travel Destinations

This is a recent, must have infographic for anyone looking to do any kind of budget travel in the next several months.

You might find some of these numbers shocking. Particularly if you’re looking to get the most travel experience possible for the least amount of money.

Some of these places are downright expensive for extended stays. Others are much more accommodating for the budget-minded traveler.

Backpacking on a Shoestring Budget

The one thing that isn’t mentioned in the infograph is the cost to fly to each destination. Obviously, it’s going to depend on where you’re located, time of year, etc. So, it’s important to weigh the cost to get there vs. the cost to stay, to get a firm idea of the entire cost of your trip.

Find the best flight deals to Asia and you’re in for a real cost-saving treat and some of the friendliest, most exotic cultural hotspots on the planet. On that same note, it can cost thousands for a spur-of-the-moment flight to the far east, if you’re not being cost-conscious.

Imagine that a single day of transportation in Venice equals 36 days of busing/taxiing around Cairo? It’s literally the difference between heading out for a short riverboat cruise and seeing an entire country.

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