The #1 Safe Traveling Tip Every Tourist Should Know

The #1 Safe Traveling Tip Every Tourist Should Know

I’m going to let experienced traveler and life coach Jimmy Naraine explain this oh-so-important tip that everyone can use to ensure safe travels in most locations around the world:

With a smartphone at the ready and easy access to the Internet almost anywhere, there’s really no reason why anyone should have trouble learning to say no thanks.

Though this might seem like a stupid simple tip, how many people do you imagine touch down in notorious tourist havens known for pushy street vendors, crazy cabbies, scammers, and thieves like Istanbul, New York, Cambodia, or (gasp) Dehli, without a clue how to say a simple no?  I’m not trying to point fingers here, dangers of all kinds exist in all tourist countries.

Those are all places where it pays to come off like a seasoned tourist instead of fresh meat. A good time and a great experience are guaranteed, so long as you don’t put out the “screw me over” vibe that tells the unscrupulous that you’re an easy target.

Please share your own safe travel tips in the comments. Who knows, you might just help save someone from an unsettling experience.





  1. Thanks Chad Stewart,
    For giving safe travelling tip for tourists all around the world. Definitely every should be aware about these tips while travelling.

    • Thanks for visiting Ashish!

      Safe and happy travels, my friend.

  2. I’m not easily imeserspd. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂


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