3 Budget Friendly, Airfare Booking Travel Tips for the Holidays

3 Budget Friendly, Airfare Booking Travel Tips for the Holidays

Many of us are planning cross-country or international travel for the upcoming holidays.

The following 3 holiday airfare booking  travel tips are essential for getting the best deals on flights during the holidays.

  1. Book those flights definitely before the 18th; with the 12th, 13th, 16th, and 17th trending as having the cheapest rates in the past — according to Kayak.com.
  2. Don’t book your flight for the Sundays before Christmas and New Years. Get a travel predictor app and use it, if you’re unsure about the exact date you want (see suggestions here.)
  3. Look for booking sites that offer “Price Drop Protection” so you don’t get screwed over for tens or hundreds of bucks. Great tip that might all but negate the first two if air travel is slow this year.

Early Bird Gets the Worm!

Listen folks, procrastinators almost always get the squeeze put on their wallet during busy travel booking seasons. If you’re putting things off, you better get your butt in gear now — price drop protection might only save you so much, since it’s never a guarantee that prices will actually go down. There’s no time like the present.





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