3 Great Tips for Traveling Europe on a Penny-Pincher’s Budget

3 Great Tips for Traveling Europe on a Penny-Pincher’s Budget

If you’ve never been out of the country or have limited travel experience, traveling to Europe can seem like an expensive endeavor.

As you’re about to learn, it’s easy to travel from one country to the next, without gouging a massive hole in your budget.

The 3 Essential Penny-Pincher’s Tips for Traveling Europe


1. Don’t be scared of in-country flights in Europe:

She’s so right! There are some more expensive flights though. For instance, it can cost up to $80 to fly from England to Paris, even though they’re just across the channel from each other. Still, flights are super cheap there. This is also a great way to save money on your initial flight. Find the cheapest place on your desired itinerary and go there first when you leave the states.

2. Use the Eurail:

You can visit up to 24 countries for the same price it would cost to fly from Dallas to Los Angeles (see Eurail.com).

3. Stay in hostels:

Yep. Don’t believe what you’ve watched in horror movies. I mean, bad stuff happens everywhere, there’s risk just walking out your front door in the morning. Hostels aren’t just cheaper than hotels, you get to meet like-minded, sociable people who’re interested in experiencing new cultures just like you are!

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