Easiest Way to Avoid the “Taxi Bill Swap” When Traveling in Foreign Countries

Easiest Way to Avoid the “Taxi Bill Swap” When Traveling in Foreign Countries

The “Taxi Bill Swap” scam is serious business when you’re traveling in foreign countries.

Watch this video and learn how to use your cellphone to avoid falling victim to one of these very common criminals:

Please, if you’re traveling in a major urban city in a foreign country, make sure to follow the advice in this video and take a photo of the bill before you hand it over.

Though it might make you feel like a rude tourist, even go as far as to tell the driver what you’re doing before you do it. The guy in the video is obviously trying to catch these guys pulling their scam, but telling them in advance that you’re snapping a photo is a good way to avoid the entire argument; particularly since they can claim a language barrier issue.

Hold the bill up so they can see, then snap a photo with your smartphone.

Just so you, the soon-to-be traveler are aware: this scam is common all throughout Europe, the middle east, and everywhere in Asia. I’ve had this scenario happen to me all throughout Thailand — one of my favorite travel destinations — in excess of 5 times now (I’ve got one of those “nice guy tourist” looks which makes me a prime target). I’ve never lost cash in this manner, due to having knowledgeable friends at my side to teach me how to avoid travel scams.

Just the same, you need to be aware, since many of the places you’ll be traveling have a similar economy to ours: ie., lots of poor, struggling working class. Scams exist everywhere, and you should definitely get out there and see the world. Just don’t go out there with blinders on!






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