How Much it Really Costs to Travel the World

How Much it Really Costs to Travel the World

Everyone who’s ever been interested in long term travel asks “How much does it cost to travel the world?”

This video offers some pretty accurate numbers that you guys should consider when planning your budget and destinations.

Make sure to read the rest of the post after watching the vid, for a few more tips and insights to save even more money!


$4,500 a month for most areas.

Yep, we all want to see Europe, but it’ll cost you. The trouble here isn’t transportation, which is dirt cheap between countries and even surrounding continents (North America being an exception) and Eurail passes which allow you to see the entire continent for around $500 USD. The trouble is you have to eat and put a roof over your head, while having fun. Some things cost, others don’t. This number is way inflated if you plan to backpack the country and stay at hostels. Cut this budget in half if that’s the case, and you’ll still likely be ahead.

South America:

$2,500 a month.

This is a very reasonable number, though more realistic if you’re hitting the urban areas of Brazil, Argentina and Chile. Stick to the mountainous regions like Peru and you can cut this number in half — or even more.

Southeast Asia:

$1,750 a month (excluding hotspots Hong Kong & Singapore).

Guys, you can live in and around Thailand for around $1000 USD a month. Expect the first initial few months to be more expensive, if you even plan to stay for an extended period, but this guy’s specifically stated that he’s inflated the numbers to play it safe.

Additional Advice:

Get Blue Cross health insurance! The unexpected expenses in life are always the ones that throw us for a loop.

  • Break your leg and it’s going to cost hundreds, if not thousands in medical expenses.
  • Break your back and you’re in a whole mess of hospital stay bills, doctor fees and medication expenses.
  • Hurt yourself while skiing down a mountain that requires an airlift out of there — hopefully you have a house that can be mortgaged back home!

Unexpected medical costs can ruin your world travel dreams in a heartbeat.

Hope this helps guys. Remember that backpacking, instead of relying on hotel stays, restaurant meals, and bus/taxi fares can cut most of these projections by more than half. If you can work remotely, it’s no different than the expenses you’ll find living in your hometown — perhaps much cheaper if you’re planning to move from one region to the next and avoid long stays in the big Asian and European cities.





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