3 Great Apps That Make Traveling Much Easier

3 Great Apps That Make Traveling Much Easier

You can get pretty much anywhere you want to go and find all the amenities you’ll need with the first 3 travel apps described in this video:

The list:

  1. Kayak: Yes, the interface is indeed one of the “prettiest”. It’s also great for finding flights, hotels, rental places, and restaurants.
  2. Hotels Tonight: Great for cross-referencing your findings with Kayak, especially if you find a juicy promo code!
  3. Uber: Great alternative to sticking your thumb out and hitchhiking! You can also use it to get a taxi or shuttle quickly with just a tap of a button.

I left the American Airlines app out of my personal list simply because most people aren’t nailed down to a single airline like the guy in the video.

Feel free to share your favorite travel apps in the comment section.




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