The 10 Best Places to Spend New Years 2015

The 10 Best Places to Spend New Years 2015

Have you got your New Years plans in order yet?

The following list is full of the absolute most epic hotspots you can hit when the big day arrives, though you’ll all probably agree that the order they’re presented in is very subjective!


The (Unofficial) Best New Year’s Even Travel Destinations:

10. Bourbon Street, New Orleans

9. Miami, Florida

8. Seattle, Washington

7. Brandenburg Gate, Berlin (Germany)

6. Anywhere in Hong Kong

5. London, England

4. Sydney, Australia

3. Disneyland!

2. The Vegas Strip

1. Times Square

I’ve spent New Years in London and Time Square, and both celebrations are pretty epic indeed. I would suggest that Times Square is really a New Year’s cliche at this point. However, if you’ve never been and if you have kids, there’s probably no better fireworks shows anywhere to be found on the planet.

If you have any great destinations that aren’t listed, please go ahead an share them in the comments.

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