5 Tips for More Comfortable Air Travel

5 Tips for More Comfortable Air Travel

The stress of traveling from one city or country into another, perhaps with completely different time zone is stressful.

Use these 5 simple tips to make your air travel experience more satisfying:


  1. Get to the airport on time: It’s just not about holding yourself up, it’s about the other people that might be in front of you or around you at the airport that might do things that cause you to be delayed unexpectedly.
  2. Make things easy on yourself: Wear clothing and shoes that are easily removed, both for security purposes and for getting comfortable on the plane.
  3. Get yourself into the right mood: Obviously, if you’re in a bad mood, anything negative that occurs at the airport or on the flight will be magnified and your mood dampened even more.
  4. Be friendly: You’ll attract more bees with sugar than you will with vinegar!
  5. Talk to people: This tip is a double-edged sword, obviously. Not only that, each of you reading this will fall into one of two categories — sociable or anti-social. Still, the girl in the vid is absolutely right in saying you never know who you’ll meet. If you’re in business, check out this cool article about starting a business at 35K in the air with the people you can meet on board a plane. If you’re traveling for pleasure, you might meet a great travel friend going to the same place you are.

Do you have any great air travel tips to share of your own? Let us know down in the comments.




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