Top 3 Translation Apps for iOS and Android

Top 3 Translation Apps for iOS and Android

Here’s a great wrapup of the top 3 smartphone translation apps that are currently available for iOS and Android devices:


And the top 3 translation apps are:

  1. Waygo translator for iPhone and Android: This is great to have for times when you’re not connected to the Internet. Otherwise, obviously the totally free Google Translator is much more wallet-friendly. The offline functionality is what makes Waygo #1.
  2. Word Lens for iPhone and Android: Another decent app that will undoubtedly get better with time. It might seem like the per-language cost of the translation dictionaries would make this app a do-not-download one. However, it appears this one is now much more popular than Waygo. Reason? I’m not really sure, thought it is cool how the app translates the text you’re looking at directly, instead of displaying it in a separate window.
  3. Google Translate for iPhone and Android: It’s free! It works in all languages, with no upgrade. But, you need an Internet connection and iPhone users can’t scan photos currently (I wonder why, since it’s a non-Google product?) If you have an Internet connection, there’s no real reason to choose anything else, unless you’re looking for one of the user functions provided by Waygo or Word Lens.




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