Clean, Cozy and Comfortable Hotel in Vietnam for $17 a Night!

Clean, Cozy and Comfortable Hotel in Vietnam for $17 a Night!

This hotel room looks super clean and cozy for just $17 a night. Take a look at all the amenities that come with your purchase.

One of the great advantages of traveling in Vietnam and most other areas of Asia’s south is that you don’t have to stay at a hostel to get cheap lodging. As you can see in the video, rooms like this are readily available if you want to get some privacy and enjoy some air conditioning.

This hotel looks much better than some of the fare I’ve (not) enjoyed in Mekong: air conditioning, BIG bed, safe, clean clean clean bathroom, desk, in-room fridge… Really great deal for nearly a third what you’d pay elsewhere for a budget hotel stay.

You can use our onsite travel finder or your favorite smartphone app and find hotels like the one in the video for cheap year round.

Make sure to read the reviews first! A 2-star hotel can make you feel like you’re staying in the lap of luxury in a country like this, but they can also make you feel like you’re living in poverty too.








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