My Favorite 5 Top Beer Drinking Countries to Visit

My Favorite 5 Top Beer Drinking Countries to Visit

1. UK

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the official birthplace of the pub is also the best place to grab a pint. There’s no better place in the world to have a great time and go for a voracious pub-crawl. Beer was the first and is still the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the whole of the land. There isn’t a single place in the entire country you can go where beer can’t be found readily.

Lager is the pint of choice and some of the more ritzy brands like Acton and Bebington can run up to $8 USD at most pubs. The price for a regular brew isn’t much more than you’ll find at your average pub in the US, at around  $5.15 USD a pint. Expect to pay much more in London and most southern areas of the country that reside on or near the English Channel region — often as much as $8 USD for a half-pint!


2. Russia

Of course we all know that Russia, arguably the most popular Eastern Bloc country, is most famous for drinking gallons of vodka per person every year. On average, that’s still true with the average Russian consuming 5 liters of the clear liquid per year. However, beer is the second most popular alcoholic beverage.

In fact, beer and most wines weren’t even considered an alcoholic beverage there until 2011, when the government stepped in and changed the rules to temper the drinking habits of the nations inhabitants. The good news is that you can grab a cheap pint of premium Rusky brew anywhere in the country, even in the big cities like St. Petersburg and Moscow, for less than $3 USD. This includes the nation’s leading brands like Baltika and Stary Milnik, which are prized by the locals.


3. Germany

Famous for their 2-week Oktoberfest held in Munich between September 19 – October 4, most Americans are shocked to find out that Germans don’t consume nearly as much beer as many of the other countries on this list. However, much like the UK beer is the alcoholic drink of choice throughout the entire country and their breweries don’t slouch when it comes to cranking up the minimum alcohol percentages! Don’t expect to find a 4% light beer anywhere in Germany unless it’s imported.

Germany is my favorite place to pound back several pints at once, and it isn’t necessarily because of the strong taste or temporal kick each local brand offers. It’s because of the “Reinheitsgebot” or “German Purity Law”  which closely governs the ingredients allowed in their beers — no preservatives or unnecessary additives at all. In fact, it’s rare to find a brewer who even adds yeast or sugar; common in most any beer you’ll find anywhere else on the planet. Prices can vary, but you’ll rarely pay more than $5 USD for a Weizen glass (1/2 liter) anywhere — even in the big cities like Berlin, Hamburg, or Munich. Pick your poison; they’ve got pale, dark, ale, lager, wheat and unfiltered beer. They’re all good!


4. OZ

Australia was once the premiere country to go and “scull” several beer in the shortest time possible. It’s a virtual college student’s party paradise, equipped with some of the best surf, sand, and exotic wildlife to be found anywhere on the planet. The toughest part about visiting Australia just to do some beer-lovin partying is obviously the cost — the cost to get there, the cost to stay there — everything costs a bundle in the land down under!

A cheap pint of beer can cost up to $10 AUD. Wine and liquor will vary from one establishment to the next. Expect to pay more in urban areas like Perth and less as you venture further into the outback. Be prepared to be social and generous when drinking in Crocodile Dundee country; a practice called the shout is still practiced heavily and involves buying everyone in the bar a round of brew. Don’t worry though, once you’ve shouted a beer, the other patrons are required to shout one your way too. Grab a Fosters mate!


5. Canada

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a Canadian, born with a 341ML Molson Canadian bottle in my hand! Seriously though, Canadians have the best beer in North America. If you’re looking for tasteless, light “Pony Pee” lagers and ales, the US found to the warm south has plenty of that! Canadians love to drink on almost every occasion and there’s so many brands to choose from it can be quite stifling for visitors to choose from.

Going out to a club or pub will cost you a few bucks more than you’ll pay in most countries, with a “Canadian Pint” set around $6 USD and only measuring 341ml. This next to other countries’ 473ml pint size. The price you’ll pay at a canuck pub ranges from $3 – 4.50 USD depending on the brand and location + tip. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best days to go out on the town if you really want to pour a few back and socialize, as most drinking establishments offer unlimited pitcher deals (approximately 5 regular Canadian pints) for less than $7 USD per pitcher. Hey, we’re the friendliest people on the planet, come on down for a mug or two, eh!


Molson Canadian

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