10 Things That Will Annoy You When Traveling in Europe — Guaranteed!

10 Things That Will Annoy You When Traveling in Europe — Guaranteed!

This is a pretty solid list of 10 things that will annoy you after you’ve traveled Europe for a while. By no means is this a comprehensive list of everything though.

As many a seasoned traveler has learned: just because you’re on a different continent, with fresh culture, architecture and picturesque scenery, that doesn’t mean that certain things won’t lose their luster over time.

The 10 things that will annoy you after traveling Europe for a while:

  1. The cracks in the beds: It’s true, queen and king size beds are a rarity in European hotels.
  2. The cobblestone streets: They are very hard on the back after extensive walking!
  3. Churches: They’re all amazing, but North American churches are by and far more modernized and easy to distinguish between each other.
  4. Tour groups: Yes, if you’re traveling Europe, you’ll see lots of them — they like to build walls in the middle of sidewalks and will fill your favorite restaurants to capacity.
  5. Sharing bathrooms in hotels: I’m not sure why Mark Wolters ever thought this would be cool. I don’t even like sharing a bathroom with family or a significant other!
  6. The Euro funk: This is easily avoided by taking some time out of your travels to wash your clothes.
  7. Beggars are everywhere: On days 1 -5 in most European countries, you’ll actually feel like giving them some money, or guilty if you don’t. This quickly fades into extreme annoyance. No area is really safe from this though, even in many parts of North America.
  8. Homesickness: It’s unavoidable that you will start to miss home, even if you don’t have much family there.
  9. Travel is tiring: You’ll get jaded, no matter how different you try to make the scenery every day. It’s okay to take a break and just relax and refuel your senses with a day of lounging.
  10. Getting robbed: This is inevitable no matter where you go.

Have any annoyances you’ve found while traveling in Europe? Leave a comment down below.


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