9 Reasons Tourists Get Robbed on Vacation

9 Reasons Tourists Get Robbed on Vacation

If you have been robbed, the revelations in this video will make a lot of sense and may well help you avoid theft from ever befalling you again while on the road.

If you’re a newbie traveler, write this stuff down and there’s a pretty good chance you’ll never fall victim to the thieves that are¬†ALWAYS waiting in the wings for an opportunity to steal your money or stuff!

The Reasons You Might Get Robbed as a Tourist:

1. You are a tourist.
2. You are showing off too much money, fancy clothing, accessories, jewelry.
3. You are not self aware (we tend to let our guard down after being on the road for a while, focusing too much on the sights and not enough on our surroundings.)
4. Out drunk by yourself after dark.
5. You Got Scammed.
6. You are old.
7. You are traveling with children.
8. You’re hanging around with the wrong people.
9. Bad Luck, period.

As you seen at the end of the video, even babies aren’t exempt from theft. Don’t take it for granted and most important: Always keep your eyes and attention focused on your surroundings, particularly the people around you!

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