Never Pay For a Hotel Again — See the World as an International House Sitter

Never Pay For a Hotel Again — See the World as an International House Sitter

The owners of this YouTube channel have traveled the better part of the world as house sitters.

Here, Jody details a few of the more popular house sitting sites you can use to find homeowners around the world who need someone to care for their house and pets while they’re away.

Check this out, it’s an incredible way to travel the world on a budget while living in the lap of luxury.

You’ll note that some homeowners do expect you to pay for services like Internet, cable, etc., if you’re staying for long periods of time. One ad mentioned in the vid asked for $200 monthly to live on the beach in Costa Rica. Having talked to a few house sitters in my time though, I can assure you that you won’t have any trouble finding free opportunities, provided you’re a trustworthy individual.

The only real significant cost here is the entry fees to get on the membership sites that provide the opportunities to you.

Here’s the links for those who’re interested:

  1. Trusted House Sitters   – $79 pa (house sitters) & $89 pa (combo home owner & house sitter)
  2. House Carers    – $50 pa (house sitters) & FREE for home owners to list
  3. Mind My House  – $20 pa (house sitters) & FREE for home owners to advertise
  4. Caretakers Gazette  – $29.95 for digital delivery of the Gazette (more for the printed version)

I imagine you can also browse through classifieds in the areas you plan to visit, but it seems like the experienced gals at (the women who made this video) feel that the membership sites are the way to go.

Here’s a link to the Facebook group mentioned in the video for getting in touch with people who’re on the lookout for a house sitter:

Happy travels!







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