To Tip or Not to Tip? Complete European Tipping Guide Inside!

To Tip or Not to Tip? Complete European Tipping Guide Inside!

Let me preface this post by saying that I’ve spent literal years working jobs in which tips made up a huge portion of my wage. So please don’t feel like I’m a cheapskate who doesn’t support the concept of leaving gratuities.

Call it pride, call it the American dream. Most, but not all of us are raised to show further respect to those who’re already paid to serve us in the form of extra “tax free” cash. It’s a strange thing, isn’t it? We give our business to hotels, restaurants, taxis, limos, bars, etc. And much like how sales tax is never included in the posted price; budgeting for tips when we go out is just the way it is here in land of the free.

But what about Europe? Do you tip more, less, or not at all?

Here the lovely, well traveled Sonia Gil brings us a little humor and a lot of “tips” about how to tip in various countries throughout Europe. Keep reading after watching the video for a comprehensive wrap up of who, what and where to tip while traveling as a foreigner in the Old World.

Sonia’s European Tipping Guide:

Restaurant: 1 or 2 Euros per Person(10% at a high end restaurant)
Bars: 0
Taxi: 0
Bell Boy: 1-2 Euros per bag.
Concierge: 5-10 Euros for special request

Restaurant: 15% tip included
Bars: Change
Taxi: Change
Bell Boy: 1 Euro per bag
Concierge: 5-10 Euros for special requests

Restaurants: 1-2 Euros/Person
Bars: Small change
Taxi: 0
Bell Boy: 1 Euro per bag
Concierge: 5-10 Euros for special request

Restaurants: 10-15%
Bars: 0
Taxi: Round up
Bell Boy: 1-2 lbs per bag
Concierge: Special request

Restaurants: 5-10%
Bar: 5%
Taxi: 5-10%
Bell Boy: 1 Euro per bag
Concierge: Special Request

Restaurants: Change
Bars: 0
Taxi: Round up
Bell Boy: 1 Euro per Bag
Concierge: special request

Restaurants: Included
Taxi: Round Up
Bell Boy: Not necessary- and if you do 20 SEK —
(Thanks to @123ravenet123 for the correction)
Concierge: special request

Not customary but rounding up is appreciated

Not expected but in general rounding up is appreciated

Not expected but rounding up is appreciated

Service charge included

Tipping is optional here and can sometimes be seen as offensive.

Restaurants: 10-15 %
Bars: 10-15%

Rounding up is acceptable.

Not expected but general rounding up is appreciated.

Have any European tipping tips of your own? Let us know down below!



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  1. eat at places where it says scviree included or you will be hated if at a diner or big mac you dont tip if at hotel you tip first day ten per cent share it out chambermaid and front desk porters if taxi you tip ten per cent dont also forget when shopping price you see is not same at till they add on tax so work it out with tax before you go to till happy holiday all you say is im a student sorry its not more ppl will love youReferences : life Was this answer helpful?



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