Life Altering Reasons Why You Need to Travel ASAP

Life Altering Reasons Why You Need to Travel ASAP

The very first reason to travel shown in this video is my favorite, yet one that often holds people back from seeing the places they want and having the global experiences they dream of:

If you’re on the fence about spending money on travel, but find yourself shopping for a hot new pair of shoes online, please do take heed to the very first fact mentioned in the video. Money spent on travel is way more rewarding than any toy, trinket, or article of clothing you can buy.

Most people dread the cost when contemplating travel, but here’s the thing: when you dive in and go, you’ll never weigh the cost again. The experience will be forever ingrained in your brain, in the same way a “tangible” purchase would be there sitting in your closet or on your desk to see and use whenever you want. Those memories will always be in your mind to keep you up on a down day.

 So many great reasons to travel listed in this vid:

  • Trip length doesn’t matter — you’ll feel just as happy and refreshed after two days as you would two months.
  • Travelers get along better with people — this needs no further explanation, we all know well-traveled people are the most interesting to be around;┬ámagnetic people that draw you in with their awesome stories.
  • Couples who travel more get it on more…. (anyone care to leave a comment about the legitimacy of this one?)
  • Trips can change history — so true, you just never know how the timeline continuum will be altered by your trip to somewhere you’ve never been!
  • Ticket cost is the biggest financial hurdle — this is what I was talking about earlier; don’t let it stop you!
  • Travel makes you smarter — most of us learn best by seeing and doing for ourselves, right?

Where are you going this year?



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