10 Things You’ll Love and Hate About Euro Train Travel

10 Things You’ll Love and Hate About Euro Train Travel

This video documents 5 things you’ll love and 5 things you’ll hate about traveling via train through Europe:

Things you’ll love about train travel in Europe:

  1. Trains go everywhere and they’re fairly simple to use — literally!
  2. You get to see a lot of the countryside while you’re on the train.
  3. You decide where to go and what time you want to go (no missed departures and lost $$$ if you sleep in.)
  4. You can find wicked deals if you book early (the same is true in North America, but Europe has them way beat when it comes to money spent vs. distance traveled — way beat!
  5. Train travel allows you to relax (see the list of hates and you’ll note this isn’t always the case, particularly if you don’t head #4 and #5 in the following list.)

Things you’ll hate about train travel in Europe:

  1. They can be expensive in some countries (please get a Eurail pass if you have any semblance of a train travel itinerary upon arriving in Europe — you can save $100’s.)
  2. They do get VERY crowded (pay extra for seat reservations and you’ll at least be able to sit down: Mark mentioned having to stick one of his kids in the overhead storage… yikes!)
  3. Comfort is optional (I lol’ed at this one! It’s so true that you get what you pay for.)
  4. Booking tickets between different countries can be a pain in the butt (book this kind of travel in advance.)
  5. The unwritten rules: Consult locals if you can, read online, etc. As a foreigner you’re a serious source of revenue (check out this Reddit thread¬†and any others you can find.)

What do you guys think of the list, any tips you can see that’re missing? Go ahead and leave a comment for your fellow Euro train travelers down below.

Happy travels!



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