Live in a Tropical South Indian Paradise for $10 a Day

Live in a Tropical South Indian Paradise for $10 a Day

This guy, Gabriel Morris knows how to travel exotic locations on the cheap.

Check out what he’s able to experience in a single day on $10 USD (555 rupees).

I should point out that this video is over a year old now, which is actually a good thing if you were inspired by the video because the current exchange on $10 USD is now 635 rupees. It’s fair to say that the living costs detailed by Gabe haven’t changed too drastically, so you might find you can do even more with $10 circa early 2015.

Gabriel’s day in South India:

  • Beachfront Hut: $4 a day
  • Fruit Salad Breakfast: $2
  • Peanut/Garbonzo Bean Snack: $0.50
  • Hiking through cool cave with skylight: $0
  • Swimming in the Arabian Sea: $0
  • Soft drink: ~$0.15
  • Beer: ~$1
  • Fish, salad, french fry dinner: ~$2
  • Watch beachfront fire dancing: $0

As I’ve detailed in many other posts, the plane ticket to get most places is the biggest financial hurdle. A current plane ticket to India from most places in North America can be found from $500 – $1000 depending on when you book and if you want to include return air-fare (ie., you’re not departing on an epic 20+ year travel journey like Gabriel’s on right now!)




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