4 Tips for Traveling Europe on the Cheap

4 Tips for Traveling Europe on the Cheap

These 4 tips are all you need to see Europe on the cheap:

Madman’s tips for traveling Europe on the cheap:

  1. Travel off-season to make your cash last — middle of fall, middle of spring are both the most inexpensive times to travel most of Europe (this is mostly to save money on the flight, accommodations, and certain events.)
  2. Stay in hostels or shared apartments — this is a given, he recommends hostelworld.com to find hostels and airbnb.com for apartments (hostels are a great experience
  3. Use buses when possible — Eurail is cheap also. If you know you’re going to be moving about a lot, you can purchase a pass for one, a few, or all of Europe for very little money (compared to plane and single destination train tickets.)
  4. Use your student ID — even if you’re not in school (lol!) Can’t say much for this one.

Bonus money saving tips for Euro travel:

  1. Use grocery stores instead of eating out all the time.
  2. If you’re going out to the bars, employ pre-drinking your store bought liquor and beer beforehand.


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