Tips for Choosing the Right Travel Buddy

Tips for Choosing the Right Travel Buddy

There’s nothing worse than embarking on a world travel adventure with your best friend, sister, brother, mother… or lover — only to realize that you don’t share the same travel vision with them.

Choosing the right companion to embark on your journey abroad with is essential to having a great experience, as experienced world traveler Jake details in the short video below:

Jake’s 3 Tips for Choosing the Right Travel Buddy:

  1. They have to be adaptable: This particular rule doesn’t have to apply to you. You can be as stiff as a board and totally inflexible to the changes and forks in the road that will come up while traveling — so long as your travel buddy knows this about you and is willing to be the “yang to your yin“.
  2. They have to be open to try new things: Or at least supportive when you want to try something they absolutely aren’t comfortable doing. Not everyone wants to go bungee jumping or jump out of an airplane to go skydiving, but the last thing you need is “Nancy” or “Ned” the naysayer talking you out of it — or worse, sitting on the sidelines sulking because you want to do something they do not.
  3. They’re positive: This really goes hand-in-hand with #’s 1 and 2. Negative people always drag the clouds along overhead with them wherever they go. Traveling is all about bright skies and fun — you only live once!

Who you choose to travel with is way more important than where you travel to. All those little, seemingly small differences that may exist between the most compatible BFF’s are magnified 10x when you start to travel together.

Think of it along the lines of a time when you dated someone who was just the best ever — until you moved in together and realized just how annoying they were, or how annoying they thought you were after spending day-in and day-out with them!

Do you have any nightmare travel stories involving a travel buddy you wished you had of left at home? Leave a quick comment and tell us about it.


Main Image Courtesy of Victoria Cabral (license)

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