How to Save Money and Avoid Being Scammed in Bali

How to Save Money and Avoid Being Scammed in Bali

Bali is an awesome traveler’s paradise, but you don’t want to go there unprepared. Like any hot travel spot, there are some unsavory locals that know how to separate you from your money.

Learn more in this great short video which details some of the unforeseen costs you’ll incur upon landing, along with ways to make sure you don’t get duped by the locals who know how to separate you from your money without you having a clue what just happened.

Some great tips here for first-time Bali visitors:

  1. Be prepared to purchase a Visa Entry Pass as soon as you land. They’ll require you to pay in USD (approx $35.)
  2. Bring your own hard liquor and wine. At least as much as you can if you plan to drink a lot — booze is expensive in Bali. One liter is allowed per person coming into the country.
  3. Get to the visa line ASAP. It’ll be long and you want to get your trip started as quick as possible, right?
  4. Watch out for the bag porters. They’ll try to rip you off. If you use them, remember that 500 rupiah (approx $0.50 USD) is more than enough for a tip.
  5. Use the Blue Bird Taxi for short distances, and put the metre on.
  6. Long distances, hire a mini bus and driver for the day.
  7. Don’t buy anything on your 1st day, practice your bargaining.
  8. Airport taxes will cost you around 200,00 rupiah when you leave.
  9. Break your bigger notes up into smaller notes (vendors and service people will try to take advantage by claiming they don’t have small bills for change.)

Tips of your own? Leave a comment so everyone can benefit from them.

Travel safe and travel smart!


Main Image: Climbing Journal Mount Rinjani by Trekking Rinjani

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