Things to do in the Land of Independence (Scotland)

Things to do in the Land of Independence (Scotland)

Hou’s it gaun dere baeys and gaeryls?

Today we travel to Scotland for some great suggestions about what to see and do when you get to dem dere peaty hills!


Here’s a summary of the suggestions made in the video:


The Capital: Check out the Fringe Art Festival and the er-um, interesting street performers in Edinburgh, Scotland’s second largest city.

Glasgow: Scotland’s biggest city. A definite must for younger travelers looking to party it up.

Stirling: Aye, where the infamous battle of between the brits and mighty William Wallace took place. Epic! Check out the Wallace Monument atop Abbey Craig (go inside the monument and see Wallace’s “monumental” 6ft long sword!)

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay: Celebrate Scottish New Year in style.

Whiskey: Check out the more than 100 distilleries throughout the land.

The Highlands: The Scots are famous for the rolling green hills that cover their landscape. Hike the Highland way and/or hit a few balls at St. Andrew’s (surprised this is where golf was first played here back in the 1400’s. Check out the Wiki).

The Islands: Shetland, Orkney, Hebrides — check out the Scarba and Jura whirlpools while you’re out on the water, but don’t get too close: they’re two of the most powerful in the world!

Surfing: Why not? Scotland’s no Waimea or Brisbane, but Scottish shorelines have some of the most powerful tides in the world.

Celt Culture: To visit this unique land and not hear at least one pair of bagpipes playing would be a sin. If English isn’t your first language, you’ll be “blimey’d” something fierce by all the different dialects spoken from one town to the next (get a Scottish to English translator app for your phone!) They still speak Gaelic

If you happen to notice which one I missed (I only caught 9 suggestions) let me know what it was in the comments.


Main Photo: “Princes Mall” by Graeme Pow

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