Things to do and Places to See in Barcelona, Spain

Things to do and Places to See in Barcelona, Spain

Spain isn’t the cheapest place to travel, and Barcelona being the capital is perhaps the most expensive of all. Still it’s a place you have to visit at least once if you truly love to travel.

8 things to do and try in Barcelona:

  1. Try a Paella dish. Considered Spain’s national dish. Paella originated in Valencia and you should definitely try it at least once. I’m not a fan, but to each his/her own.
  2. Lots of old world architecture to see.
  3. Walk around and enjoy the many parks and street attractions.
  4. Make sure to check out the street markets. Barcelona has the biggest markets in Europe. Fresh food and produce is a must in Catalan culture.
  5. Take an afternoon siesta. Don’t worry, you won’t have police hassling you if you decide to sprawl out on a bench as seen in the video!
  6. Have a fiesta. Mojitos are a must in Barcelona. Love the “free pour” policy too!
  7. Learn the language!
  8. Sprawl out on a beach. Take a dip in the Mediterranean then work on your tan!



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