10 Valuable and Inspiring Lessons Travel Can Teach You

10 Valuable and Inspiring Lessons Travel Can Teach You

I’ve been a subscriber to Benny Lewis for awhile. His travel hacks and insights are worth their weight in gold, whether you’re interested in saving a few bucks on a single country vacation or if you want to travel the world (as so many of us do).

This guy is an extremely experienced world traveler who knows how to get around on the cheap, while enriching his life to the max. He’s also an expert on learning new languages quickly having dubbed himself the “Irish Polygot” (polygot meaning a person who knows how to speak several languages).


Ben’s 10 Travel Lessons Learned:

1. Happiness has no price tag
2. Be an imperfectionist
3. The magic happens outside of your comfort zone
4. The world owes you nothing
5. Get busy living
6. Every single person is fascinating and can teach you something
7. It’s OK to say “I was wrong”
8. The present is what really matters.
9. Be generous and kind to others
10. We’re all making it up as we go

Check out some of his other stuff, like the Speaking 12 Languages in a Mall video or his 29 Life Lessons Learned in Traveling the World for 8 Years Straight blog post (really awesome post).

So great that we can learn from people like Benny from the comfort of your own home, but take his suggestions about living in the present and get busy living and just get out there. Don’t defer your happiness by waiting to travel.

Happy travels!






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