Common Travel Tips With a “Smarter” Twist

Common Travel Tips With a “Smarter” Twist

Danny Dover takes common travel tips and drives them up a notch in the following video:

┬áDanny’s “Smarter than Smart” Travel Tips:

  • Get your foreign currency before you leave home to ensure there are no hold ups or hefty conversion charges when you land.
  • Stealing the hotel bag to use for your dirty laundry? Well, I can’t advocate this (though we all know they expect this anyway) but packing your clothes in a separate bag from your clean clothes is certainly a smart idea.
  • Always carry your charging cables in your carry-on and make sure to have a USB multipurpose cable, just in case.
  • Use a hair dryer on your clothes after holding them near a steamy shower to iron them — or don’t bring clothes that need to be ironed! (this is how I roll)
  • Carry earplugs with you — disposable earplugs are so cheap and you can use them multiple times before they lose their springiness.

Share your smart spins on common travel tips in the space below.

Happy travels!

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