The 10 Smallest Countries Tourists Can Visit

The 10 Smallest Countries Tourists Can Visit

In order to be a responsible traveler, one must help support the smaller economies around the world with their tourist dollars, as much as they do the larger ones.

Here is a short video that showcases the 10 smallest countries on the planet — see if you agree!

Here’s a list of the 10 countries listed in the vid:

10. Maldives
9. Seychelles
8. Saint Kitts and Nevis
7. Marshall Islands
6. Liechtenstein
5. San Marino
4. Tuvalu
3. Nauru
2. Monaco
1. Vatican City

Incredible that the top 4 are all less than 10 square miles in size! Certainly Tuvalu and Nauru (both part of the Polynesian island chain in the South Pacific) would be a great for a day trip. Both have small landing strips and can also be reached by a long boat ride from either Hawaii or Australia.

Monaco, though VERY small is highly civilized with lots to do and experience culturally.

Talk about the bluest of blue oceans surrounding the Marshall Islands!

Honestly, the one that I disagree with time and again is the Vatican City. I mean seriously, it’s a “city” after all, but for some strange reason it’s considered a country of its own within Rome? Nor does the “city” have a customs border checking passports, or any apparent entry requirements that a tourist must me. How do they get away with being a country unto themselves?

Strange indeed…

If you have any insights on the Vatican or any experiences from visiting the other small countries listed, please do leave a comment for all to see.

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