Tips for Traveling Around Hawaii on an Extreme Budget

Tips for Traveling Around Hawaii on an Extreme Budget

Author of the popular book “Gabe’s Guide to Budget Travel”, this man sure knows how to stay in, and get around Hawaii on a paltry budget:

Gabe’s Money Saving Hawaii Travel Tips:



$3 a night sleeping on a beach in tropical paradise. Hey this might not be for everyone, but compare this with hotels starting at $120 – $200 for budget lodging or $350 – $600 for a luxury stay. Nuff said.

Hostel Stays:

$23 dollars a night with a pancake breakfast ( Again, for a beachfront stay in the lap of luxury!

Take the bus instead of renting a car instead of renting a car or taking a cab:

Just $2 versus $150 – $300 a week to rent an economy car. Taxi meters in Hawaii literally charge by the meter (around $3 just to get in the cab, then 40 cents per 200 meters thereafter) and they add up fast!

Hitchhike for shorter distances:

Hey, this is a no-cost way of traveling in any country. There are risks, but those risks are often overblown really. Kind of like the risks of crashing in a plane or getting struck by lightening.

Bonus Tips:

  • You can “technically” but not necessarily camp on secluded beaches for free as long as you’re hidden someplace out of sight of the rangers or police. Use this Hawaii hack at your own risk obviously.
  • Camp for $20 per night on the Nepali Coast National Park. I suppose if you like this area better than the $2 per night option then go for it. Mind you there’s lots to do there for free also, if you’re a hiker/nature lover.
  • Hit up the farmer’s markets, and local supermarkets to save on food while eating fresh, delicious local fare on the cheap.


Main Image: “The Lost Cliffs at Oahu” by¬†Trey Ratcliff


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