Top 5 Diving Travel Destinations Overseas

Top 5 Diving Travel Destinations Overseas

1. The Yangala in Australia

Yangala Wreckage

The final resting place of the SS Yangala, the most devastating shipwreck in Australian history. As almost a tribute to the over 120 Aussies who perished on that day in March 22, 1903, the area is flooded with some of the most colorful and diverse coral reef marine life anywhere. As you can imagine, being Australia on the Great Barrier Reef, there’s a near definite chance you’ll have a Great White siting, along with several other types of fish and ocean dwelling creatures like Green Turtles.

2. Blue Corner Wall in Palau, Micronesia

Blue Corner Wall Palau

This is a destination for experienced divers only, for a few key reasons. This location at the northwest corner of Ngemelis Island goes down deep, it is stunning and there’s several caves to explore within and around the wall, which is a massive drop off from the island shoreline. This is also what makes it dangerous. The ocean currents criss-cross and change in direction and intensity without warning. These currents pull in plenty of food for the big fish of the sea, like 100 pound Barracudas, Sailfish, Whale Sharks, Hammerheads and a virtual who’s who of the tropical ocean variety.

3. Big Brother and Small Brother in the Egyptian Sea

Big Brother in the Egyptian Sea

Known as “El Akhawein” in Egyptian Arabic, these two island diving destinations boast some of the most exciting Red Sea marine life you’ll ever see in your lifetime. As with many diving hotspots, the fact that Big and Small Brother are islands means they’re subject to strong and unpredictable ocean currents, which has caused many ships to parish on their steep shoreline walls. This is a difficult dive and the Egyptian government has several requirements you must meet to dive these depths, including 50 confirmed dives, valid insurance, a surface buoy and a torch light. The likelihood of seeing a Hammerhead or White Tip Reef shark is VERY likely here.

4. Kailua Kona in Hawaii

Manta Ray Night Dive Kailua Kona Hawaii

Pictured is one of the ever-popular night diving sessions off the Kona Coast that features scores of Massive Manta rays (up to 15′ across) as far as the eye can see. Snorkeling is also popular for night dives, but diving with a tank on is the only way to really get up close and personal! Day dives are also filled with tropical fun, with a very strong likelihood that you’ll be approached by a Dolphin during your underwater adventure. There’s tones of coral reefs around the coast to explore and the marine life you’ll see is only limited by your imagination.

5. The Great Blue Hole off the coast of Belize

Great Blue Hole Belize

The aerial shot shown above of the mighty blue hole in the middle of the famous Lighthouse Reef near Belize City should give you an idea of just what a spectacular dive this is. It’s a massive 400ft deep cave in the middle of a shallow reef. Within this cave are several other caves to explore. The real draw for divers is the fact that the water in this hole is super clear on most days, and one can also expect relative safety, mostly being isolated from the larger shark species that can be found throughout the Belize Great Barrier Reef that surrounds the Blue Hole; a world heritage site.






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