25 Great Tips for Making Your Stay at Hotels More Pleasant

25 Great Tips for Making Your Stay at Hotels More Pleasant

This video offers some great insights on how to get better room rates, better service and even more amenities at hotels around the world.

Summary of the Hotel Tips Listed in the Video

25. Independently owned hotels have more built-in pricing flexibility.

24. Opt out of daily housekeeping to negotiate a better deal with the front desk and to save on tips (if you’re the tipping type like moi).

23. Housekeepers have the toughest job in the hotel (remember this when considering #22).

22. Tip housekeeping (just do it!)

21. Remember that hotels pay up to 30% to booking sites and booking agents (use this to your advantage when you show up to book a hotel in person or when calling them.)

20. Call the hotel direct for the best pricing (rather than 1-800 numbers listed online, in magazines, or listed in brochures.)

19. If the hotel overbooks, discounted reservations are the first to get bumped (makes sense to me.)

18. Booking direct vs using a booking service has its disadvantages if your stay isn’t to your liking (booking agents have more pull obviously, since they send a lot of business the hotel’s way.)

17. For only $10 per hour your front desk clerk runs errands, plunges toilets, ties bow-ties, delivers towels, handles dead bodies (it happens) and makes breakfast (remember this when you start to get angry with them — they’re not the millionaires you think!)

16. Free upgrades are a possibility if you’re a frequent customer (don’t expect this at many 3-star or lower hotels.)

15. More things are negotiable than you would think. If your hotel offers a hot breakfast buffet as well as a free continental breakfast, ask if you can get the hot breakfast with your room (you rarely get what you don’t ask for, right?)

14. Management does occasionally ask their hotel employees to lie to customers (shocking!)

13. The video says to ask the clerk for recommendations about where to eat and such, as opposed to the concierge (I wouldn’t trust either personally.)

12. Sometimes you’ll have to settle for less than you asked for when it comes to pre-booking (if using a reservation agent, call the hotel directly and ask if they have what you’re looking for before agreeing to anything.)

11. Don’t ask for upgrades when other customers are around (the hotel can’t do it for everyone or they would never make a dime.)

10. Ask for a corner room if you want more space without paying a premium (good to know, right?)

9. Check in early to get the best chance of being upgraded.

8. Ask for free WiFi and other room upgrades in advance (if they aren’t free already.)

7. Hotel prices are generally set based on location (if you don’t need to be in the downtown or near tourist attractions and central hubs, look for hotels that are more out of the way for better prices.)

6. You’ll pay more for a room at the Ritz or Bellagio than you will at independents (many independent hotels receive better ratings than the major chains too.)

5. Ask for discounted children’s meals, even if the hotel restaurant’s menu doesn’t list one.

4. Hotels have daily rotating staff (tip daily as opposed a fixed amount when you arrive or leave.)

3. More stars doesn’t always mean better service (they just mean more amenities are offered.)

2. Due to #3, this means that a 5-star hotel can have 1 star service

1. Read real customer reviews to find the best hotels for your needs.


Main Image: “Raffles Hotel Lobby, Singapore” by Eustaquio Santimano




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