Good, Bad and Downright Stinking Facts About Modern European Travel

Good, Bad and Downright Stinking Facts About Modern European Travel

Travel magazine voted Wolter’s World one of the top 10 travel vlogs to watch this year. He really has his “nose” (watch the vid and you’ll understand) to the ground when it comes to insights about European travel:

Mark’s 10 Legitimate Travel Realities About Europe:

1. The lines at major sights are long:

Mark has warned everyone about this before. Prepare to wait if you want to be a prototypical tourist (see #4)!

2. The food in France & Italy is delish:

The food tastes richer, fresher, and downright healthier. McDonalds should be the last place you want to visit in most European countries!

3. Flights are cheap in Europe:

$50 – $100 per flight, depending on whether you book in advance or not, to fly from one country to the next.

4. The major sights really are worth visiting:

Europe is the “Old World” after all. So much historical landmarks to see compared to North America.

5. Czech, Germany & Belgian beer is the best:

You heard Mark: “When you go home, the beer won’t be the same.” I’ll also add England, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden and the Danes to that list!

6. Some countries are very expensive in Europe:

England, Switzerland, the Netherlands. These and other expensive countries like France and Germany are all worth the expense, but they’re not an easy place to visit for budget-minded travelers who don’t have family or friends to stay with.

7. Milan and Paris are where fashion trends start and end:

If you’re into fashion you already know this. If not (like me) you probably don’t care, but that’s no reason not to visit and see the sites and enjoy the culture.

8. The beggars & pickpockets will find you:

If you look like a tourist, they will find you! Police in many countries don’t have the time or inclination to help you if you’re robbed because you really should know enough to watch your back.

9. Tour groups will run you over:

Lol! Mark sure has had some bad luck! Can’t say I’ve experienced this as a solo traveler without a family, but still be forewarned.

10. The Eurofunk does exist:

Bathing is optional in Europe (Sorry guys! His words, not mine.)





    • Glad you liked it Elora. Lineups only become a “slight” deterrent to Euro travel when you’re hitting the hotspots. Don’t let that stop you. In fact, traveling off the beaten path is far more rewarding than spending a day waiting to get into the Vatican, or standing behind a hundred people waiting to climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower!

  1. Great read ! for those looking to travel to Europe, more simplified and to-use tips are helpful !!


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