Tropical Travel Destinations: List of Attractions to See in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Tropical Travel Destinations: List of Attractions to See in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo City, the capital of Sri Lanka, is a magical place and very popular coastal island destination for travelers of all kinds.

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Petta Market:

You have to visit the big markets when you visit any South Asian or Indian city or town. Petta is the biggest Colombo has to offer. Get yourself some of your favorite freshly picked tea or fresh roasted coffee for a morning pick-me-up at the hotel or hostel — you’ll not regret it.

Gangamaraya Temple:

You don’t have to be a Buddhist to appreciate this place. Just look at the artwork inside; much of it holds plenty of historical significance to the locals. Some artifacts and artwork are thought to date back to the silk road era!

Viharamahavadevi Park:

Just as you must hit the local market, you really do need to check out this central park. There’s always plenty going on and it’s just plain relaxing too. Don’t forget to check out the snake charmers! If you don’t feel yourself twitch every time the guy waves his hands in front of an entranced Cobra or Pit Viper, you definitely have nerves of steel!

Independence Memorial Hall:

While the first “Father of the Nation,” Prime Minister (Don Stephen Senanayake) is honored in this hall, the site is actually in place to commemorate Sri Lanka’s independence from British rule.

Sri Kailasalanathar Swami Devasthanam Hindu Temple:

Really cool place! Just look at the designs on the exterior.

Galle Face:

Street food galore. Fast food in this Malaysian coastal paradise is nothing like what you’ll find in North America or the UK. Fresh local food that isn’t loaded with preservatives and laboratory made flavors. There’s such a cultural mix here in Colombo from Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, Dutch, European and Portuguese. The food is very likely to shock and impress, and it’s cheap.

Best Time to Travel Here:

If you find yourself traveling here in mid to late fall (mid October to mid December) during Diwali (Festival of Lights), you’re in for a real cultural treat. Hindu people don’t celebrate Christmas, but Diwali, in my opinion, is their version of it. Stores and markets will be filled with people buying food, spices, clothing, incense — and fireworks. Lots and lots of fireworks! In preparation for the final Diwali Night festival and light show. Guaranteed you’ve never seen anything quite like it.


Main Image: “Gangaramaya Temple during Vesak” Nazly Ahmed

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