11 of America’s Most Scenic Highways (Distances Included)

11 of America’s Most Scenic Highways (Distances Included)

Did somebody just say road trip?

While current gas prices are a bad omen for the global economy, they do hold promise for those of you who don’t want to jump on yet another plane overseas for your next vacay. If you’re overseas, and looking for a way to see America without paying our insanely expensive airfare rates, road trippin’ it is the way to go boys and girls!

America has some glorious landmarks, many of which can be viewed while you’re ripping up asphalt in your late model hybrid (because you’re so environmentally responsible, right?)

The following graphic details some of the most scenic road-trip-worthy highways this country has to offer, along with distances for each road, start to finish.

America's Most Interesting Highways


All of these roads would be awesome to travel on by bike too, though neither the “Million Dollar Highway” nor the “Tail of the Dragon” would be a great choice for any inexperienced driver to tackle!

Road trips are to an America, what a boat is to a commercial fisherman — what a sword is to a Samurai — what a lily pad is to a frog, etc. It’s a must do adventure that one must take at least once in life.

Why not start with one of these? Though obviously a few that are mentioned are so short, it might feel more like a scenic trip to the corner store than a life-altering road trip.

My choices would be California State 1 and the San Juan Skyway.

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