A Cheater’s Guide to Getting Free Airline Upgrades

A Cheater’s Guide to Getting Free Airline Upgrades

Some of the following may not necessarily seem like “cheating” to you, but to an honorable man like myself, I think you should pay for the bells-and-whistles you want in life.

Some of these are entertaining, some outright unfair. All will work on any given flight if the universe is listening to your call:

How to Get Upgraded on Your Flight

Thank goodness being nice is at the top of the list!

I guess dressing scantily must be a tongue-and-cheek inclusion with #5: dress smartly, or #10 look your best. Right?

Now if you do have a sprained ankle or your dog just died, all the power to you if you can score a free first class ride, a better meal, or some no-cost wine.

Some of these other tricks are a little unscrupulous, like using the fact you’re on a honeymoon to get upgraded or “making up a sob story” which the graphic does sort of imply.

C’est la vie, though. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Share your own tips if they aren’t listed in the survey results above.


Main Image: “Suite Life” by s.yume




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