10 Travel Destinations You Might Best Avoid

10 Travel Destinations You Might Best Avoid

Some of the most beautiful countries can also be the most dangerous:

The real shame with many of the countries on this list is how some tourist dollar infusions could help to ease the poverty the innocent citizens deal with…

Without further ado, here’s a rundown of the countries you should NOT include on your bucket list — at least for the time being:

10. Syria, Western Asia

9. Juarez and Acapulco, Mexico

8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

7. Sudan, Africa

6. Caracus, Venezuela

5. Karachi and Peshawar, Pakistan

4. North Korea

3. Kabul, Afghanistan

2. Mogadishu, Somalia

1. Baghdad, Iraq


Main Image: “Sunset Clouds” by¬†Abdulsalam Haykal


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