Top 5 Skydiving Destinations Around the World

Top 5 Skydiving Destinations Around the World

Hey, if you’re going on vacation and can’t resist a good adrenaline rush when it comes your way, these 5 international locales are a great place to view from 12,000 feet!

5. Sau Paulo (Brazil):

South American tropical paradise all around you. Who could ask for anything better?

4. Mount Everest (Nepal):

Truly some of the most spectacular views from the mountain to be found anywhere.

3. Interlaken, Switzerland:

Deep blue lakes, snowy mountains. A thrill a minute in Interlaken.

4. Kamchatka, Russia:

Anyone else getting jazzed at the thought of dropping toward a volcano at 120 mph? This is a real hair-raiser (to put it lightly).

5. Airlie, Australia:

Confirmed by many as the best dropzone on the planet

Don’t see your fave?

Feel free to share your favorite dropzone destination in the comments.


Main Image: “Skydiving” by¬†Morgan Sherwood



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