Tons of Foreign Travel Tips You Need to Know to Avoid Disaster (aka. Pure Traveler’s Gold!)

Tons of Foreign Travel Tips You Need to Know to Avoid Disaster (aka. Pure Traveler’s Gold!)

Tips are outlined in text form after the video for those of you who don’t have much time to watch.

1. Money

  • Leave most of your money in the bank.
  • Have a few traveler’s checks (hidden in the bottom of your shoes).
  • Carry a few bucks for the country you’re in, plus a few extra dollars in popular, valuable currency like the USD or British Pound (for emergencies.)
  • Always have a back-up bank cards (held in different locations in your bag and on your person) in case you lose one, it gets stolen, or the foreign bank machine eats it! (great tip from a man who has no doubt experienced this first-hand!)
  • Try to get bank accounts/credit cards that don’t charge fees for withdrawing in foreign currency (note: the machine you use will still charge you a fee, regardless.)

2. Watch Your Back!

  • Thieves abound everywhere. You might not notice something’s gone until much later.
  • Always double check you have all your stuff before leaving a location.

3. Email Your Internet/Banking Passwords to Yourself

  • Email yourself in case you lose them.
  • Disguise written-down/emailed passwords in your own special code.
  • Password protect your laptop and other devices — don’t assume you won’t lose your stuff like the majority of travelers out there.

4. Photocopy Your Passport and ID’s

  • It’s great when you don’t have to carry your actual passport (your most valuable travel accessory) everywhere you go — photocopies are acceptable in most places, including most customs outposts..
  • It’s tough to prove who you are when you don’t have anything with your name and picture on it.
  • Also scan them and email them to yourself.

5. Gabe’s Recommended “Bag of Travel Accessories” to Avoid Disaster

  • Needle and thread: For sewing up your clothes, giving yourself on-the-spot stitches, etc. You never know.
  • Universal travel adapter: Goes without saying why you’d need this.
  • Flashlight and/or headlamp: Not all countries have reliable power.
  • Lighter: Great for temporary light source or starting a fire if you find yourself without shelter.
  • Toilet paper on your person: Hey, you never know.
  • Pocket knife or multi-tool: Great advice, you never know when you’ll need a knife (anyone remember Crocodile Dundee?)
  • Cable-style bicycle lock: You can use it to lock your valuables up in situations where a locker, etc., isn’t available.
  • A couple of various padlock-style locks (small and large): For a variety of different situations where you need to lock your valuables, tent, hotel room.
  • Flash drive: To backup your important files and photos.

Final Tip: Check Your Passport Regularly

This is a great tip from Gabe that all regular travelers can benefit from.

Always check how many pages you have available in your passport for visa stamps, lest you be turned away and incur unnecessary hold-ups and accommodation/travel expenses!

Have Tips of Your Own?

Help out your fellow traveler and post them in the comments.


Main Image: “Sunset on Thousand Islands” by¬†Sathish J



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