Traveler Trends and Advice for 2015

Traveler Trends and Advice for 2015

Here’s some expert advice for those of you who plan to jump on a plane or cruise to a far away destination this year:

1. Plane Travel

Advance booking is back in style: Well, it never went out, but don’t expect as much luck getting a last minute steal. The number of people traveling is growing in leaps and bounds, meaning the airlines don’t have to discount as much to fill seats anymore.

2. Finding the Right Tour Guide

Find a local guide instead of relying on technology to show you the off-the-beaten-path sites and teach you the culture. So true. Believe it or not, there are some things that apps just might never be able to replace. Tech is one trend that can potentially hurt modern travelers rather than help them, if you’re looking for a flagship kind of experience in your life.

3. Cruise Lines

No two cruise-lines are alike. The key takeaway here is to do your research if you want to become a cruiser. Amenities, on-shore services, cabin space, etc., will be different with each provider and if you don’t do your research you can grossly overpay — and have a terribly unfun trip. This is a major problem, with cruise lines popping up all over trying to cash in on this near 40 billion dollar industry that’s expected to continue to grow well into 2020.

4. Excuses Not to Travel

Excuses are like ____ …  (you’ve heard this one before, right?) Get out there and see the world. Quit waiting for the lottery to come in or for all your problems to magically disappear.

Chad’s Bonus Tip

One I’d like to add is that oftentimes the journey to get there ends up being better than the destination. Don’t be a prude and not talk to people while you’re going from one place to the next. Sometimes you can meet the coolest people on the plane or train-ride, who can introduce you to experiences you mightn’t have had otherwise.

Happy Travels!


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  1. The last two on your list are key, in my opinion. You never know what’s ahead, so do it now! And striking up conversations with random strangers is fun, even if you don’t get anything from it except a moment’s entertainment.

    • Hey Rachel,

      I’m glad you agree with regards to not being afraid to talk. Smartphones and other handheld tech have made it so easy to stick your face in something and be occupied — or pretend to be so — in order to avoid conversations. This is worth with North Americans than any other culture — we’ve all “got enough friends” or “are too busy” to be bothered. Thankfully, Europe and many parts of rural Asia still offer hope to travelers seeking new, lifelong friendships.


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