How to Pay Less on Last Minute Hotel Bookings From Anywhere Using a Smartphone (+ Promo Code)

How to Pay Less on Last Minute Hotel Bookings From Anywhere Using a Smartphone (+ Promo Code)

The Hotel Tonight app is made for last minute bookings (up to 7 days in advance) throughout the world. They have agreements with hotels worldwide, giving them access to savings on unbooked rooms. Deals that sadly the hotel won’t tell you about because, well, why would they? They’re there to make money, not to give discounts to someone who’ll likely book for the regular rate anyways.

I’ve included a first-time $25 off promo code at the end of the post, which should be good for the next couple of weeks at least.

This app looks pretty solid and has been around for a while.

There are two major gripes I hear constantly about Hotel Tonight:

  1. That sometimes the hotel price changes all of a sudden when the user decides to book an offering.
  2. Users can’t always choose the room and bed size.

For #1, keep in mind that Hotel Tonight only guarantees the price they offer for two hours. After that the price can and may well change, as hotels might start to fill their last minute rooms and adjust the rate offered to the app provider.

For #2, it should be obvious that last minute deals are offered on vacant rooms. If the hotel doesn’t have a king, queen — luxury, high roller, or “Presidential” suite available, that’s not the app’s fault.

They offer deals on hotel bookings ranging from budget-priced hostels right on up to high roller suites at luxury hotels.

Check out their FAQ: 

Here’s the current $25 off savings promo code (for your first stay, in addition to the regular discount they offer) that you can plug into the app after downloading it: MRAIN7 

(Note: neither I, nor gets any sort of referral fee or rewards if you use the code. I’ve posted this purely for your benefit.)

If the promo code doesn’t work, just Google “Hotel Tonight Promo Code”.

Search YouTube as well. As you can see, the guy in the video above offered a promo code as well, though I doubt it will still work as the vid’s a couple months old now.

Now for the bonus tip…

I found a wicked website for researching hotels for a history of BED BUGS: (how awesome is this?) Some of you may have heard about this site, but if you haven’t this is another great resource to use in your hotel-vetting process. Pass it on to fellow travelers please.

Get the app on iTunes:

Or Android:


Main Image: “Marina Bay Sands hotel, Singapore” by Uwe Schwarzbach






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