How to get an “Extended Stay” Visa for Japan

How to get an “Extended Stay” Visa for Japan

I’m forever being asked to do some posts regarding tips for getting extended stay visas in various countries. This week I’ll be unveiling what (in my opinion) are some really helpful tutorials detailing the basics everyone needs to know in order to spend more than the standard 30 – 180 days that most countries allow for foreigners on a travel visa.

Japan is always a top dream-spot and is the first on the list for this special series:

Helpful Links:

  1. Student Visa
  2. Work Visa (Note: Bachelor’s Degree usually required):
  3. Spouse Visa
  4. Working Holiday Visa (Note: U.S. Residents not eligible):

Last but not least, Japan has agreements with most countries allowing up to a 90-day stay, as long as you enter the country with a round-trip plane ticket, a pre-arranged residence while you stay there, and enough money to support yourself during that time:

Visa Exemption Program

Share your own tips and suggestions about various Japanese visas in the comment section.


Main Image by Max Braun

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